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lunes, mayo 09, 2011

Bin Laden died of natural causes in December, 2001

"Osama Bin Laden died of natural causes in Tora Bora in December, 2001"


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The information put out by the White House about the killing of Osama Bin Laden is a DELIBERATE LIE! OSAMA BIN LADEN HAS BEEN DEAD SINCE 2001!!! As shown below by reports from Taliban fighters, Osama Bin Laden's family, Heads of State, the CIA, Pakistani Intelligence, Israeli Press, NY Times, and other sources, Osama Bin Laden died of natural causes in Tora Bora in December, 2001.

Why the hoax about his death at this time?

It is because the US doesn't need the Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda boogeyman to justify attacking Muslim nations anymore. The Al-Qaeda boogeyman was used successfully to attack Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and other places. But as evidenced in Libya, all that needs to be done now is claim that leaders are killing their people and the US and NATO will have all the justification they need to attack other sovereign nations.

We are led to believe that the same murderers of millions of Muslims, plunderers of their lands and haters of Islam have transformed themselves into the saviors of the Muslim masses. We should not be fooled by their appealing propaganda playing on the goodness of our hearts. Their goals are always the same -- steal Muslim countries resources and gain world dominance for Israel's benefit. They see how easy it is to provoke protests in Arab countries, send their mercenaries in to kill the people, blame the killings on Arab leaders and then bomb those countries.

They are very selective about this process choosing to execute the complete process in Libya and now itching to do it in Syria on their road to waging war on Iran. Their aim is to weaken and decimate Muslim countries whether friend or foe. Tunisia and Egypt were friendly countries whose cruel, corrupt and self serving leaders did more to please the West than to satisfy the needs of their people.

Libya and Syria are not considered friendly countries by the West in the same light as Egypt and Tunisia. Yet friend or foe, both types of leadership has to be toppled because the aim is to leave the Muslim world weak and helpless subject to the dominion of the West. Iraq and Afghanistan are good examples of what they want for the Muslim world after their escapades of bringing "freedom" to the Muslim masses. That "freedom" has only left those countries ruined and destroyed in much worse shape than they were in before their "saviors" from the West invaded.


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