viernes, julio 29, 2016

Christian Missionary Trip to Africa countries

Missionary Trip to Africa by Archbishop Leonardo
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Nairobi, Kenya, Africa, 29 July, 2016. (AngliNews). The Latin-American Anglican Church (The Old Anglo Catholic Church) in coordination deacons, priests, Christian leaders and bishops, they have a plan to visit several African countries, leading thus the birth of The Latin Anglo Christian African Churches initially for African nations (and other continents) where from and preparations for the Hispanic will arrive delegations traveling from Canada and United States are made. This is the first time a group of Anglican Christian missionaries of immigrants from Latin-American countries visit Africa independently without relying on a religious Christian organizations in the past and were traditionally responsible for sending Christian missionaries to these distant lands of Africa and thousands miles of America Continent.

The missionary trip is pending on November to December 2016 a missionary trip Archbishop Leonardo Marin-Saavedra to Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria, South of Sudan, Rwanda, South Africa, Ghana, Burundi and others African countries. They also visit Pakistan, Madagascar, Bangladesh and India. The organizing people launched a campaign from the city of Los Angeles, California (USA) to collect money and donations to make the trip prepared. Travelers carry several projects which: Education, Technical Agro-Industrial, family planning, recommendations for contraceptive use, Peace project between Muslim and Christian people, agricultural productive enterprises, conversion of every African home on family farms (small), solar energy and environmental conservations.

- Archbishop Leonardo Marin-Saavedra 
Whatsapp Canada Number: +1.647.875.4597.
Caravan Mission President.

- Bishop Joseph Morema-Alfayo  
Whatsapp Kenya Number: +254724926366.
Team African Coordinator.

Mr. Edigah Ongera Moraka
Whatsapp Kenya Number: +254715063801.
Kenyan African Trip Assistant. 

Banderas de Africa

The Rev George J Bosire Onsongo
Bishop Samuel Mogire Mochere
Bishop Maurice N. Matere

African Phone: +254722619391.

African Phone: +254728706268.

African phone: +254722823843.

Bishop Patroba S Mukenya
African Phone: +254722677067.

The Rev Geofrey Gesimba
African phone: +254713766291.

Bishop Albert Oduor
African phone: +254722435059.

Bishop Julius Manyara
African Phone: +254726995622.
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Letter To Senseless To Christian

Letter sent from Lagos, Nigeria (Africa) to IAL Canada

By exMuslim Ishaku Abdul'rahman Mohammed

Dear Nigerian Christian,

If you saw my first letter you would have known that I used to be a Muslim but now a Christian. I have been in hiding because, anyone born a Muslim and converts to Christianity has a death sentence on his head. It is even worse now that they know I have decided to reveal their hidden agenda to the Nigerian Christian who stupidly voted Buhari, a known jihadist as president. In that letter I told you about the subtle ways president Buhari is going about his islamization agenda. In this part I will explain, with Islamic teachings why our president is making some of his moves without caring about the feelings and sensibilities of Christians in Nigeria. So much has happened since my last letter and God willing, I will continue to educate you as things unfold. Please pray for me cause the forces of darkness are arrayed against me for telling the truth. And if you ever hear that I get killed don't weep for me. Just know I have finished my race and am with the Lord Jesus. The same Jesus I rejected all my life as Muslim. The same Jesus I called a prophet of Allah who is a little lower that the false prophet Mohammed. To Jesus alone be all the praise, glory and honor for saving me from the satanic cult called Islam. I now worship this same Jesus and will do so till is expire. Have you noticed that whenever any Christian, occupying a high position in any government agency is removed only muslims get to replace him or her?

200 military officers were retired recently and guess what? They were either southerners or Northern Christians. As far as the northern Muslim is concerned, if you are a southerner you are a Christian. And being a Christian means you are the worst creatures of Allah. Now you may ask, why is that important? By 1914, the ottomans of turkey began a propaganda that presented the Armenian Christians as a security threat. So what did they do? In 1915 they retired all Christians from the Turkish army. Once they Christians were disarmed they started killing the Christians. This is how turkey became almost one hundred percent Muslim country. For those who do not know. Remember the seven letters to the seven churches of revelations 1-3? All those churches were located in today's turkey. Islam has wiped out Christianity from turkey. This was the exact model that Hitler used in Germany to wipe out six million Jews. I want to advice Niger delta never to disarm. There is what we call in Islam, the treaty of hudaibiya. This is the peace agreement that their prophet, Mohammed had with the meccans. the peace treaty was to last for ten years but Mohammed, seeing that the meccans had relaxed, launched a military campaign two years into the peace treaty and that was how Mecca fell to Islam. This was Yar A'dua's plan when he gave the militants amnesty. Had he lived longer the amnesty would have been stopped. 

Buhari actually thought that the militants had fully disarmed hence he stopped the amnesty. I guess Jonathan, by the leading of the Lord empowered them even more militarily before he left. Mohammed said, war is deception. In my last letter I told you about the useful idiots. The GMD of NNPC Mr Kachikwu was just relieved of his position and guess who replaced him? Another Muslim. Now they have started instituting corruption charges against him. One down more to go. Soon Amaechi will go too. Almost every Christian is out of government. All the military chiefs are muslims. Custom, immigration etc are all headed by muslims now. Yet my fellow senseless Christians still cannot see what is happening. Did you know that the new IG of police is also a Muslim? Do you know how many senior officers were retired just to pave the way for the new IG? Guess the first thing he did? Accused the former IG of stealing 24 police vehicles. Thank God that alarm was proven false but they never give up. They must find some frivolous charges against him. Just wait and see. Again, during the elections you would have been familiar with the grandest deception called the #bringbackourgirls led by a Christian Mrs Oby Ezekwesili in collaboration with other Northern women. Do you know that the female principal of the chibok girls college has now been appointed to the position of commissioner of education in Borno state? Since when do secondary school principals get appointed as the commissioner of education in a state where you have university and polytechnic lecturers, VCs and Rectors? Madam Oby's Muslim Vice was first appointed as chief of staff by El Rufai of kaduna state and guess what happened next? Buhari just appointed her MD of NPA. What did the useful idiot Christian. Oby get? Nothing. Where are the so called missing girls? Still at large but they used it to deceive you to voting out a Christian president. Talking about a Christian president. Do you know that in Islam it is forbidden for a Christian to hold a position of authority over muslims? 

Since they could not deny the achievements of our christian president Dr Goodluck Jonathan they spun a huge propaganda around corruption. He was vilified as the most corrupt president Nigeria ever had. The press had a field day reporting monumental corruption under Jonathan. They knew the only way they could get the attention of the Nigerian is to mention corruption and we all fell for the deception hook, line and sinker. I will be naive to say there was no corruption under GEJ. No government in the world can claim to be corruption free. Yet it was made to look like Jonathan had stolen the wealth of the nation and crippled the economy. Buhari made huge promises that got people ecstatic. He was seen as the Messiah. Nigerians refused to see the economic growth under GEJ. Even when Nigeria was rated as the 3rd and 1st fastest growing economy in the world and Africa no one paid any heed to it. Nigeria became the no 1 investment destination in Africa yet it seemed like it was all fairy tale. Today, just one year after GEJ we are no longer in the list of growing economies of the world. The effects are everywhere. The Nigerian economy is almost grounding to a halt. And guess what? They have now spun another propaganda that what we are experiencing now is the effect of the misrule of GEJ. Again, Christians are buying this crap and swallowing it like a hot plate of delicious food. Eight months into the Buhari regime, the bureau of national statistics release a report that over 4.5 million Nigerians have lost their jobs under Buhari. Time will fail me to expatiate. Have you noticed how Christians and muslims are treated when it comes to corruption cases? 

They go to the media to convict people of corruption and when they eventually take them to court and the court gives a verdict they don't like the disobey the court order. Mr Fani Kayode was in detention for over sixty days. You were told that it was because of corruption. How many muslims have been so treated? As far as I know. Only Dasuki is getting that treatment but again that is understandable. It was Dasuki, then a very junior officer that arrested Buhari during the babangida coup that overthrew Buhari in 1983. Muslims don't forgive. The god of Islam requires muslims to take vengeance unlike our God that says vengeance is mine. The most unfortunate part of this is that we Christians use our values to judge muslims yet we know absolutely nothing about their values. We don't know anything about the tenets of that religion. Mohammed was a very vengeful person. He killed all those who made fun of him. Even those who criticized him. That is why Buhari cannot stand criticism. We have seen in the news how innocent Christian women were killed by muslims and our dear president has been silent. Whole communities are being wiped out by Muslim Fulani herdsmen yet no word from your president. The latest is that farmers will now pay for protection while Buhari is now going to use the military to protect Fulani herdsmen and their cows. Buhari is now protecting murderers against innocent Citizens of the country yet you still can't see anything wrong? 

Do you know what they have just introduced? It is called the jizya. Jizya happens to be the Islamic protection tax payable by Christians and Jews so they don't get killed. Muslims don't pay jizya. It may not make sense to you now but soon you will be told to pay protection tax. They may call it whatever but it is the jizya. And since only Christian communities will be attacked only Christians will have to pay. 

Am going to stop here and update you as things unfold. 

Yours in Christ,

Abdul'rahman Mohammed 

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Christians must wake up

viernes, julio 22, 2016

Archbishop Boniface Grosvold passed away

Yestarday Archbishop Boniface Grosvold Passed away at 1.00 A. M., in The Hospital of London city, Ontario, Canada. The Latin-American Anglican Church condolences to Grosvold Family, spiritual Brothers and sisters and friends around world.

Archbishop Boniface Grosvold (Canadian citizen) from London, Ontario, Canada (Primate of The Old Roman Catholic Church of Canada and USA) passed away: Our Latin-American Anglican Church mourns the departure to eternity Archbishop Boniface Grosvold (Canadian citizen). We had the historical responsibility of bringing the countries of Latin America the Apostolic Succession of the Old Roman Catholic Church since the city from London, Ontario, Canada. May his soul rest in the peace of God. Our IAL condolences to Grosvold Family, spirtual Brother/Sisters and friends.The Most Rev. Dr. Boniface Grosvold was born on 4 June 1942 in Chester city, Nova Scotia, Canada. As a young man he moved to Province of Ontario (Canada) where he was employed as a church musician and where he discovered Old Roman Catholicism. On 28 October 1969 (Feast of SS Simeon & Jude) he was tonsured and admitted to the minor order of cleric by Archbishop Nelson Dudley Hillyer of the Ontario Old Roman Catholic Church. He at that time took the religious name of “Boniface” and has been known by that name since. During successive Sundays in January of 1970 Bro. Boniface was admitted by +Hillyer to the minor orders of door keeper, reader, exorcist, and acolyte. On Easter Sunday (29 March) 1970, +Hillyer admitted Bro. Boniface to the sub-diaconate. Feeling that his future was in another jurisdiction, Brother Boniface resigned in the summer of 1970 from the Ontario Old Roman Catholic Church and joined Holy Saviour Old Roman Catholic Parish of Niagara Falls, New York, and its bishop-elect Fr. William Mark Plested. On 30 and 31 August 1970 respectively, Boniface was ordained a deacon and a priest by the retired Old Roman Catholic Archbishop of Toronto, the Most Rev’d Earl Anglin Lawrence James (1901 to 1978). On 28 September 1970 Fr. Plested was consecrated bishop for the Old Roman Catholic community in Niagara Falls, NY by +James, and both he and the now Father Boniface based their work there. On 19 January 1972 the work was legally organized by the incorporation in the Province of Ontario of the Old Roman Catholic Church, Diocese of Ontario, which took in also the American Parish of Holy Saviour, which then served as the Pro-Cathedral.

On 20 July 1974, Fr. Boniface was consecrated the auxiliary bishop for the Old Roman Catholic Church, Diocese of Ontario in Holy Saviour Old Roman Catholic Pro-Cathedral by the Old Roman Catholic Archbishop of New England, the Most Rev’d Edward Carleton Payne, assisted by Archbishop William Mark Plested of the ORCC Diocese of Ontario. On 30 November 1974 Bishop Grosvold was enthroned as the second Bishop of the ORC Diocese of Niagarra Falls, New York, and Ontario, in succession to Archbishop Plested. On 11-12 September, 1976, he was elected Metropolitan-Archbishop and Primate. Since October of 1997, the See of the Diocese, also known as the “Old Roman Catholic Church In Canada”, has been in London, ON Canada. On 22 April, 2005, at Spring Convocation, Saint Jude’s Seminary, in conjunction with the Faculty of Theology, Archbishop Grosvold was granted the degree, Doctor of Sacred Theology (S.T.D.). The same degree was awarded upon Archbishop Leonardo Marin-Saavedra with whom I start a great friendship/brotherhood and union agreements signed between two sister churches of different denominations but in it heritage. Under the authority of the Latin-American Anglican Church, Archbishop Grosvold was the assistant at the episcopal consecration of the first Anglican Traditionalist Bishop for Colombia and resonsabilidad the acquired the colombian citizen Omar Rojas-Gonzalez being the principal consecrating the Archbishop Leonardo Marin-Saavedra (LOndon, Ontario, Canada).

At the Fall Convocation of the Faculty of Theology, he was given the degree, Doctor of Sacred Literature (D.S. Lit.). The Most Rev. Dr. Boniface Grosvold was born on 4 June 1942 in Chester, Nova Scotia. As a young man I Moved to Ontario Where I was employed as a church musician and Where I discovered Old Roman Catholicism. On 28 October 1969 (Feast of SS Simeon & Jude) I was tonsured and ADMITTED to the minor order of cleric by Archbishop Nelson Dudley Hillyer of the Ontario Old Roman Catholic Church. At that time I Took the religious name of "Boniface" and has-been Known by That name since. During successive Sundays in January of 1970 Bro. Boniface was ADMITTED by + Hillyer to the minor orders of door keeper, reader, exorcist, and acolyte. On Easter Sunday (29 March) 1970, + Hillyer ADMITTED Bro. Boniface to the sub-diaconate.

Thursday July 21, 2016, in the morning hours, the Archbishop died in the city of London, Ontario, Canada at 3.00 am The funeral will be held in the same city next Tuesday in the d ela afternoon hours and told with asitencia of bishops, priests and deacons of the Old Roman Catholic Church, Old Catholic Church. Latin-American Anglican Church, Anglican Church of Canada Synod, Reformed Church and Catholic clergymen and friends of the Roman Catholic Church.

May his soul rest in the peace of God....

Obispo Bonifacio Grosvold murio en Canada

A los 78 años, murió en London Ontario, Canadá, el Obispo Boniface Grosvold (Real Nombre: Darrell Wayne), Obispo Primado de la Iglesia Antigua Católica Capitulo Canada (The Old Catholic Church)... Fecha de la muerte: Jueves 21 de Julio, 2016. 1.00 a.m. (Hospital Universitario de London, Ontario, Canada). La Iglesia Anglicana Latino-Americana, presenta condolencias a la familia grosvold, hermanos, hermanas espirituales y a todos los amigos del mundo. Casualmente fue la Iglesia Anglicana Latino-Americana, primera y única organización religiosa latina en invitar a este varón de Dios como asistente a una ceremonia de consagración episcopal de un hispano colombiano y quien en su momento fue candidato obispo electo y consagrado para fundar en Colombia Sur America el capitulo de esta rama jurisdiccional para servir como representante de IAL ante el gobierno de Colombia. 

La Iglesia Anglicana Latino-Americana de Canadá y Estados Unidos, lamenta la partida a la eternidad del varón de Dios Obispo Boniface Grosvolvold. Fue IAL la responsable en transmitir a países de América Latina la "Sucesión Apostólica" de la Antigua Iglesia Católica Canadiense desde la ciudad de London, Ontario, Canadá. Que su alma descanse en la Paz de Dios.  El Reverendo Bonifacio Grosvold nació el 4 de junio de 1942 en la ciudad de Chester, Provincia de Nueva Escocia (Canadá). Perdió a sus progenitores siendo aún muy niño. Cuando estaba joven se trasladó a la Provincia de Ontario (Canadá), donde trabajó como músico de iglesia y allí descubrió el viejo catolicismo romano y la liturgia. El 28 de octubre de 1969 (Fiesta de los Santos Simeón y Judas), fue tonsurado y admitido en el orden de menor importancia como clérigo, por manos del arzobispo Nelson Dudley Hillyer de la Iglesia Católica Antigua de Ontario. El tomó el nombre religioso de Fray "Bonifacio". Así fue conocido por ese nombre desde entonces. Durante los domingos sucesivos en enero del 1970, el Hermano Bonifacio fue admitido por + Hillyer, a las órdenes menores de guardián de la puerta, lector, exorcista y acólito. El domingo de Pascua (29 de marzo, 1970), el obispo + Hillyer admitió a Fray Bonifacio a la orden del subdiaconado.

Según su versión de fe, Dios le iluminó que su futuro estaba en otra jurisdicción denominacional, el hermano Bonifacio Grosvold renunció en el verano de 1970, a la Iglesia Católica Romana Antigua de Ontario y se unió a la misión de la Parroquia Católica de San Salvador de Rito Tridentino Romano en Niagara Fall (Nueva York, Estados Unidos), con el obispo electo P. William Marcos Plested. El 30 y 31 de agosto 1970, respectivamente, Bonifacio Grosvold fue ordenado diácono y sacerdote por un obispo retirado quien en su época fue el arzobispo católico de Toronto, Reverendo Earl Anglin Lawrence James (1901-1978). El 28 de septiembre 1970 P. Plested fue consagrado obispo de la comunidad de Iglesia Católica Antigua en la ciudad de Niagara Falls, Nueva York, Estados Unidos (se dijo que la consagración episcopal de este obispo no fue valida porque era un hombre retirado y no tenía facultades para consagrar un nuevo obispo ademas era de edad avanzada pasado en la edad que exige estos hechos eclesiásticos y con problemas médicos en su edad cenit en su memoria. El obispo + James, y el sacerdote Bonifacio pasaron su trabajo allí. El 19 de enero 1972, el trabajo se organizó legalmente para incorporarse a la Provincia de Ontario de la Iglesia Antigua Católica, Diócesis de Ontario, que tuvo también en la Parroquia Estadounidense de San Salvador, que a su vez sirvió como el Pro-Párroco de Catedral. El 20 de julio de 1974, el Presbítero Bonifacio Grosvold fue consagrado obispo auxiliar de la Iglesia Católica Antigua Romana, Diócesis de Ontario en la parroquia de San Salvador (Antiguo Católica), Pro-Catedral por el antiguo Arzobispo católico de Nueva Inglaterra, el Más Reverendo Edward Carleton Payne, asistido por el Arzobispos William Marcos Plested de la Diócesis ORCC de Ontario. El 30 de noviembre 1974, el Obispo Grosvold fue entronizado como el segundo Obispo de la Diócesis de ORC en Niagara Falls, Nueva York (EE. UU.), y Ontario, en la sucesión dudosa del arzobispo Plested. Los días 11-12 de septiembre de 1976, fue elegido como el Obispo Metropolitano y Obispo Primado de esa diócesis. Desde octubre de 1997, la sede de la Diócesis, también conocida como la "Vieja Iglesia Católica Romana en Canadá", ha estado en London. Ontario, Canadá.

El 22 de abril de 2005 en la primera Convocatoria, el Seminario de San Judas, en conjunto con la Facultad de Teología, al obispo Grosvold se le concedió el grado de Ministro en Sagrada Teología. El mismo grado fue otorgado al arzobispo Leonardo Marin-Saavedra de IAL Canada con quien empezó un gran acuerdo de amistad y hermandad, firmando entre las dos iglesias hermanas de diferente denominación pero en ella la herencia de convenio de Unión. Bajo la autoridad de la Iglesia Anglicana Latino-Americana, el arzobispo Grosvold fue el asistente en la consagración episcopal del primer obispo anglicano tradicionalista para Colombia, esta responsabilidad la adquirió el ciudadano colombiano Omar Rojas-González, siendo el principal consagrante, el Arzobispo Leonardo Marin-Saavedra  de IAL Canada e IAL USA (London, Ontario, Canadá). En la convocatoria de la Facultad de Teología, se le dio el grado, Ministro de Literatura Sagrada al igual que al Arzobispo Leonardo Marin-Saavedra. El Jueves 21 de julio, 2016, en las horas de la mañana, el Arzobispo murió en la ciudad de London, Ontario, Canadá, a las 1.00 a.m. 

Los funerales se realizaran en esta misma ciudad el próximo martes en las horas de la tarde y contara con la asistencia de obispos, sacerdotes y diáconos de la Iglesia Antigua Católica, Iglesia Anglicana Latino-Americana, Iglesia Anglicana Sínodo de Canadá, Iglesia Católica Reformada, clérigos y amigos de la Iglesia Católica Romana. Fue la Iglesia Anglicana Latino-Americana, primera y única organización religiosa latina en invitar a este varón de Dios como asistente a una consagración episcopal de un hispano candidato a obispo electo y consagrado para ser el representante de IAL ante el gobierno de Colombia en Sur America sin facultades para ordenar diáconos y/o presbiteros, nunca se le transmitió potestad para consagrar obispos por ser Omar Rojas-Gonzalez, un varón casado, no tener el carisma de misionero y no estar preparado para dirigir el anglicanismo tradicional para Colombia. Otra situación que se presento en esta primera consagración de IAL se dio al no llegar el tercer obispo a la ceremonia de consagración episcopal de Omar Rojas-Gonzalez. Por consiguiente que este varón de Dios en la persona de Omar, no recibió licita y real su consagración episcopal por solo haber participado dentro de la ceremonia religiosa dos obispos con sucesión apostólica anglicana. La Iglesia Anglicana Latino-Americana subsanara a todos los clérigos ordenados y obispos consagrados por el Reverendo Omar Rojas-Gonzalez para que realmente reciban la sucesión apostólica y sean obispos y clérigos con real linaje histórico en Jesucristo por fe.  

El Obispo Bonifacio Grosvold asistió al Arzobispo Leonardo Marin-Saavedraen la consagración episcopal del sacerdote ex-romano, Omar Rojas-Gonzalez (suramericano, originario de la República de Colombia), quien desde Suecia (donde se encontraba como asilado político), solicito en 2005, incardinación y protección a la Iglesia Anglicana de Latino-América USA. La Iglesia Anglicana Latino-Americana junto a la Iglesia Católica Galicana de Canadá, hicieron las gestiones pertinentes para que el gobierno canadiense le concediera Visa Especial de Religioso Visitante a Omar Rojas-Gonzalez, de esa manera el religioso pudo como colombiano ingresar a Canadá con el patrocinio de IAL y los Galicanos canadienses de Montreal. Cuando Omar Rojas Gonzalez regreso a Colombia, IAL y los Galicanos, le autorizaron fundar la Iglesia Catolica Antigua Romana Rito Anglicano en Colombia bajo la coordinación de IAL Canada e IAL USA sin derecho a ordenar diáconos y/o presbíteros y sin facultades para consagrar nuevos obispos.

Que su alma descanse en la paz de Dios.


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