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New Anglican Bishop to IAL Diocese of San Francisco

Within a single faith religious ceremony, the Latino-American Anglican Church through the staff of the Anglican Church of Latin America USA, Peruvian United States citizen male will be consecrate as the First Diocesan Bishop to direct the Missionary Diocese of San Francisco under of IAL USA, support within the national territory of the United States, bishop Suffragan and Coadjutor bishop of IAL USA, as well as each of the missions within U.S. jurisdiction are planted in 2015, developing and managing programs to realize the pastoral Repair as Gospel Church and Theology of Love, which has been working Latino Independent Anglican Movement, from England, Canada and the United States.

This is the Very Reverend Jorge Luis Garcia-Linares, American Peruvian citizen, who has 30 years of missionary service for the Church of Jesus Christ and his leadership has used it to help, support and defend families and immigrant people to the territory of the United States . This man of God, communication also works while being spokesman "Peruvian Corporation of Journalists" and presides over the "Association of Working Mothers in California", which brings together a number of female-headed households that have reached United States of all countries in Latin America and the Caribbean Sea, and reside in San Francisco (California), and many other cities in the grounds and surrounding San Francisco bay. The important and transcendental ceremony will take place with the help of God, in the city of San Francisco, California, United States, Day September 28, 2015, at 3:00 pm, in the beautiful chapel (National Monument 1880) of the Presbyterian Church Cathedral in the same city.

In the days before this unique and multifaceted event, Archbishop Leonardo Marin-Saavedra, ordered under the apostolic dimension, Deacons and Priests, who serve the Missionary Diocese of San Esteban de IAL California, the IAL will bless Walsingham Shrine in San Francisco, the Anglican Seminary named the Archbishop of IAL, the batch was inaugurated and bless the first stone of what will be the Cathedral of St. Stephen's Anglican Church in Latin America USA, located in the city Oakland, California. The archbishop's office IAL missionary Canada has authorized incorporate innovation as the main ceremony of consecration, the "Hispanic Group Dancers", which will make an artistic homage to IAL's mission in the world, praying in front of the dance form sacred sacrament of the altar and will wear costumes aboriginal Peruvians, Mexicans and Central Americans. Involved 30 infants (boys and girls), Mexican Mariachi, which chanted during Holy Mass, with its own musical accompaniment of "Pan Mass" songs. Adults and infants artists were invited by the Anglican Church of Latin America USA and President Barack Hussein Obama and the U.S. government has granted Visa as visitors, the 60 members of these two artistic groups, they will do to history, an unforgettable ceremony and will be the first time the independent Christian religious Latinos Hispanics in the United States, are a force among immigrant menorías to achieve autonomy in each of the 51 States of the American Union.

The main ceremony will be present bishops and clergy of the Latin American-Church Charismas Rite Anglican Church, Celtic Catholic Church in Europe and the U.S., who were invited to be witnesses of this outstanding and simple ceremony which will surely help the future of mission that with effort and optimism have been working with the help of God, San Esteban, San Lorenzo and the Holy Shroud and pure of Our lady Saint Mary of Walsingham (Patron Saint of IAL World). In Colombia they have invited a group of former Roman priests but the U.S. Embassy in Bogota has not yet confirmed the Visitor Visas at 10. Repair Party and Love will be joined for the first time by young clerics who are prepared as Anglican missionaries from Holland, Germany, France and Spain. We invited the bishops of the Anglican Church of North Conservative America and bishops of the Catholic Church International USA.

The Anglican church Latin American expects the participation of all Hispanic families and makes constant prayer of thanks to God for this great opportunity to make history in simplicity and humility, to strengthen the future of what will be the alternative of historic church in America Latin and Caribbean Sea. We ask for prayers for all the men and women of faith and belief, that as far as possible from each heart, we manage to renew the Church of Christ without damaging action of the early Church, without any kind of bigotry and / or fundamentalism but preserving tradition and accepting the new awakening to a new way of interpreting the true Gospel of Christ who expect the majority who have not yet fallen into despair and never the abyss of inequality, slavery, manipulation or exploitation of one or more of the religious empires seeking monopolize consciousness and faith. Amen and God bless us all and/all.


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