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Letter to the Government of Uganda Unlock all homosexuals in prisons

Letter to the Government of Uganda from Globalec and IAL Canada To Free gay prisons (English)Sunday, April 1, 2012 09:02

Letter to the Government of Uganda from Globalec and IAL Canada To Free gay prisons (English)Domingo, 1 de abril, 2012 09:02

Respected Mr. President of Uganda, civil authorities, military, ecclesiastical and social organizations of Uganda:

I am + Leonardo Marin-Saavedra, Primate Archbishop of the Latin-American Anglican Church (Traditional Catholic Church & England Continuant), President of Global Education Connection in Canada. I am also a Representative in Canada for the World Network of Writers (Red Mundial de Escritores). I to live I have in USA a company that sells organic products and nutrients with AMWAY. I advise artistic and literary groups. I direct Hispanic Radio and Television programs. I am pro-life, family and freedom. I think the family should be composed of a father, mother and children. I have never defended gay marriage. I am against the adoption of boys and girls. I have believed that no child should be adopted in pairs (male and female) that have nothing to do with genetic inheritance or blood of children at risk of falling into the hands of people seeking other types of security interests and harmony unless the future citizen child. I believe that governments and society must develop projects for boys and girls in each nation to live in dignity and welfare within the country without going outside the borders of the territory. Peace begins within a territory when governments take care and have compassion for all citizens so some will come out of the usual parameters, healthy habits and natural standards.

Despite being a male believer and committed to Christianity and the biblical teachings and the "Message of Christ, I believe that civil law should be separated from religious law, faith or belief. The religious must be out of civil law but intrinsically the spirituality of the believer should lead you to be an example of life and role model. Those committed to God to spread righteousness, justice and equality, must be carriers of love, compassion, solidarity, fraternity and volunteering . the religious leader must be a loving, tender, charitable, kind and straight. But no believer should fall into fanaticism or extreme positions. Jesus Christ said: "love one another as I have loved you." God hates sin but loves the sinner. God calls whom he is in error to change their lives with the compassionate help of the leaders of each country or nation. the perfection and excellence that we all want, must be handled with loving deeds, without violence, with prudence, reason, intelligence.

For this reason and also because of my convictions of honesty and integrity, I ask the Mr. President of Uganda and each of the civil authorities of Uganda including the Public Force and Police, released from the prisons of Uganda, all males IMMEDIATELY and women because of their homosexuality or sexual preference, they have been deprived of their liberty. If one of them is pending a criminal offense or other nature, should be ventilated regardless of their sexual preference or homosexuality. Similarly good treatment of heart request from the Public Force and Police, with people who have chosen to live under the homosexual preference. I agree in the "Peace Project" and the "New Education Project" which will make it known in Africa in the month of September, 2012, to be carrying a message of reconciliation, presenting an alternative lifestyle for those who wish to voluntarily choose to know the "Peace comes from God," under a compassionate but feel sober, loving exchange strategy. Tolerance is somehow a path to travel before entering full peace with all citizens of Uganda and with all nations. Land and society does not support more violence, wars and murders.

I hope in God and trusting in the good conduct of the authorities of Uganda, to achieve a fair agreement with those who suffer from discrimination, balanced look at ways to treat those who are different and distinct. God bless Uganda. God bless Africa. God bless our America (North, Central and South).God bless Canada. God bless all the countries of the earth. God bless all our brethren, who are our plants and animals. God bless air, fire, earth, water and each mineral. God bless the land and the entire world population. God grant us peace.


The Most Reverend
Primate Archbishop of The
Latin-American Anglican Church.

Canada Cell Phone: +1-416-856-7944. (Include Text Message)
Skype: ialanglican – Twitter: @BishopLeonardo
Facebook: “Archbp Leonardo” and “Africa Peace Tour”.


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