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Christian Missionary Trip to Africa countries

Missionary Trip to Africa by Archbishop Leonardo
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Nairobi, Kenya, Africa, 29 July, 2016. (AngliNews). The Latin-American Anglican Church (The Old Anglo Catholic Church) in coordination deacons, priests, Christian leaders and bishops, they have a plan to visit several African countries, leading thus the birth of The Latin Anglo Christian African Churches initially for African nations (and other continents) where from and preparations for the Hispanic will arrive delegations traveling from Canada and United States are made. This is the first time a group of Anglican Christian missionaries of immigrants from Latin-American countries visit Africa independently without relying on a religious Christian organizations in the past and were traditionally responsible for sending Christian missionaries to these distant lands of Africa and thousands miles of America Continent.

The missionary trip is pending on November to December 2016 a missionary trip Archbishop Leonardo Marin-Saavedra to Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria, South of Sudan, Rwanda, South Africa, Ghana, Burundi and others African countries. They also visit Pakistan, Madagascar, Bangladesh and India. The organizing people launched a campaign from the city of Los Angeles, California (USA) to collect money and donations to make the trip prepared. Travelers carry several projects which: Education, Technical Agro-Industrial, family planning, recommendations for contraceptive use, Peace project between Muslim and Christian people, agricultural productive enterprises, conversion of every African home on family farms (small), solar energy and environmental conservations.

- Archbishop Leonardo Marin-Saavedra 
Whatsapp Canada Number: +1.647.875.4597.
Caravan Mission President.

- Bishop Joseph Morema-Alfayo  
Whatsapp Kenya Number: +254724926366.
Team African Coordinator.

Mr. Edigah Ongera Moraka
Whatsapp Kenya Number: +254715063801.
Kenyan African Trip Assistant. 

Banderas de Africa

The Rev George J Bosire Onsongo
Bishop Samuel Mogire Mochere
Bishop Maurice N. Matere

African Phone: +254722619391.

African Phone: +254728706268.

African phone: +254722823843.

Bishop Patroba S Mukenya
African Phone: +254722677067.

The Rev Geofrey Gesimba
African phone: +254713766291.

Bishop Albert Oduor
African phone: +254722435059.

Bishop Julius Manyara
African Phone: +254726995622.
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