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sábado, enero 21, 2012

Gang leaded by Chilean man tried to assassinate a minor in London, Ontario

Montcalm Secondary School

London, Ontario, January 19, 2012. (Editorial). "The gang leader, originally from Chile, South America, was hired by a school girl, allegedly to kill me because she wanted me to be her boyfriend and she has never exchanged smiles with me." With these words the 15 year old boy, still affected between life and death for the beating and beating he received inside the premises of the School Montcalm (Montcalm Secondary School), told his 40 years old mother, that a gang group arrived to the building of the school, sought him out and beat him mercilessly until he was unconscious in one of the bathrooms of the school, while his blood-soaked face was torn with severe pain following injury in question. According to research, the author of the macabre events known as “Alejandro Chico Tapia”. The name of the child concerned is not disclosed for security and protection standards established under the identity of children and minors.

Montcalm Secondary School is a public educational institution located at 1350 Highbury Avenue, Telephone No. +1-519- 452-2730 (Thames Valley District School Board), a quiet and placid city of London, Ontario, Canada. Facts: In the morning, the teen girl accomplice of "Alejandro", telephoned the attacked boy cell and force him out into the schoolyard, with an excuse of tasks and there, the gang leader went to blows against humanity of the child with his accomplices. The attacked boy ran inside the school facility but "Alejandro" and his gang chased the teen boy inside the school building, and in one of the bathrooms beat him, throw him to the ground and after let him unconscious the gang beat him for 20 more minutes. After that officials of the school called the police.

The family concerned shall initiate a criminal prosecution “Alejandro Chico Tapia” and his ‘criminal gang’ and certainly the Canadian authorities will deport the Chilean criminal to the country of origin once committed to prison and ordered to pay money for damages to the young man who was sent between the life and death to the Children Hospital in London. The Companions of the child attacked, they used their cell phones and recorded the beating and the details of the event, one of them called the emergency ambulance. If not for this initiative, the paramedics had not met with violent young life. The incident occurred on Wednesday, January 18, 2012. Today the families of wounded and sick less, relevant allegations made against the offender who shot to death a teenager. Relatives and friends of the affected family travel at this time, from several cities in Canada, in solidarity with those affected. (For more information about the event)...


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