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jueves, septiembre 08, 2011

IAL Canada/USA Present condolences death of + Jorge Rodriguez

Condolences death and prayers of the Man of God + Jorge Enrique Rodriguez-Villa.

The Latin American Anglican Church of Canada and United States

Dear Brothers in Jesus Christ Jesus and Our Lady of Walsigham:

The Latin-American Anglican Church of Canada and the United States (Old Anglican Catholic Church), presents condolences condolences on the death of the Patriarch and Primate Archbishop Jorge Enrique Rodriguez +-Villa, who presided for many years the religious organization the Old Catholic Church Orthodox Rite with Missions and mission stations in Canada, United Estates, Latin America Contries, Caribbean Sea and many places in the world. Monsignor + Jorge Enrique Rodriguez Villa, who presided the Episcopal religious ceremony consecration of the First Anglican Bishop (+ Leonardo) of the Americas and the Caribbean territories, an event was on June 15, Year of Our Lord 2003. Of the Latin-American Anglican Church made ​​many missions and churches that brought the influence of IAL in the Spanish-speaking world inluded people and missions who speaking English, French and other languages.

We accompany our prayers to all the brothers and sisters to mourn the departure of the character of God, asking God, an army of angels and archangels, so that his soul is taken into the presence of our Lord and Father Almighty. God who knows the secret in every heart, nourished by the strength and courage to all the spiritual sons and daughters of + Jorge Enrique, for the Church of Jesus Christ, follow the path of salvation and white gold. That the soul of + Jorge rest in peace of God which comes our help.

That San Esteban y San Lorenzo, nurtures the courage and strength to continue the mission entrusted to the end and for ever and ever Amen.

Our greeting at this time and blessings of love and brotherhood,

The Most Revrend

+ Leonardo Marin-Saavedra

Primate Archbishop of IAL [http://obispoleo7.jimdo.com/].

President of Global Education Connection.

Representative of Remes World in Canada.

IAL Canada/USA Present condolences death of + Jorge Rodriguez



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