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The Very Rev Father Greg Reynolds from Australia

The Very Rev Father Greg Reynolds

Mass of Solidarity and Support For Fr Greg Reynolds. Sunday October 6th, 5:00pm, Glen Iris Uniting Church -  200 Glen Iris Rd, Glen Iris:    

Dear Friends,

We are writing to you as the Stewardship Team for Inclusive Catholics.
As you are no doubt aware, last week Fr Greg Reynolds was called into the offices of the Archdiocese and presented with a document from the Vatican. This document, which was in Latin, was translated for Greg by the Dean of the Cathedral who is a canon lawyer, and who was acting on behalf of the Archbishop. He informed Greg that he had been forcibly dismissed from the clerical state and excommunicated. The document was  signed by the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and issued under the order of Pope Francis. It cited various canons, but no actual reason was given for these penalties.

Subsequently, in a letter to priests, the Archbishop claimed Greg was laicised and excommunicated because of his preaching on the ordination of women, and his continued celebration of Mass after his faculties had been suspended. However, Greg was told by the canon lawyer that the Archbishop himself did not instigate these proceedings – an unknown third party went to the Vatican. We also know that the Vatican at no time contacted Fr Greg, or attempted to engage in any kind of dialogue about whatever issues concerned them. The first time Greg heard from the Vatican was when he was informed that the most severe penalty in church life had been imposed on him. This way of acting flies in the face of so much that Pope Francis has been saying recently, and in the face of natural justice. Sadly, however, this behaviour has become all too familiar in our church, as is demonstrated by the ban on Catholics even discussing the ordination of women, among other issues. The penalty meted out to Greg acts as a very stern warning to other priests, theologians and lay people: stand up for certain issues, and you will be thrown out of the church.

On Sunday, October 6, we Inclusive Catholics will gather for our regular fortnightly celebration of the Eucharist. Our masses are inclusive, openhearted and welcoming to all, and we seek to model liturgically our vision of a community of faith in which the gospel of Jesus is lived with passion, justice, and love. We want to make this particular gathering an expression of solidarity with Fr Greg, in his prophetic and courageous stance. We also want to make it clear that we, the People of God, will not be bullied and cowed into silence. We will not stand by as honest, courageous priests like Greg are thrown out- meanwhile safe, tame, company men climb the ladder of clerical success. Our Eucharistic gathering will reaffirm our commitment, as a community, to the full inclusion of women, married people, gay and lesbian people, and divorced and remarried people in every aspect and at every level of Catholic life.  It will also embody our call for a new kind of church – where open discussion is welcomed, where conscience is honoured, where every person is affirmed and encouraged as she or he seeks to discern God’s presence in the realities of contemporary life, and where together we listen to the Holy Spirit as she moves within us all.

We ask you to join us on October 6, to stand in solidarity with Fr Greg Reynolds, to stand up for justice, to call for a renewed Church.

In Joy and Hope

Jan Coleman, Michael B Kelly, Bernadette McPhee, Frank Rosenfeldt, John Rolley, Marion Shanahan, Irene and John Wilson
The Stewardship Team, Inclusive Catholics

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Greg Reynolds
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