lunes, octubre 22, 2012

Wolfgang Kraker von Schwarzenfeld treasure thief in Latin America

The German citizen Wolfgang Kraker von Schwarzenfeld. German citizen went to South America and stealing a sacred stone to an indigenous community of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The Venezuelan authorities expect the sacred stone is returned to the Pemon Indians of Latin America.
Pemon Indigenous commute on a bus toward Germany's embassy in Caracas, Venezuela, Thursday, Octber 22, 2012. Representatives of Venezuela's Pemon Indian tribe staged a protest outside Germany's embassy to demand the immediate repatriation of a rock they call the "Kueka Stone,” which is on public display in a Berlin park. A faction of Pemon Indians say the rock is an incarnation of their grandmother and they believe that the 1997 removal of the artifact by a German artist has resulted in natural disasters including a mudslide that killed thousands.
CARACAS, Venezuela — A group of Venezuelan Indians are demanding that Germany give back a 35-ton boulder that they say is sacred.
More than 100 members of the Pemon group marched to the Germany Embassy in Caracas to insist on the return of the rock. It is currently part of an artwork displayed in a Berlin park.
Melchor Flores said during Thursday's protest that the so-called "Kueka Stone" should be returned to his community in the grasslands of a region known as the Gran Sabana.
Artist Wolfgang Kraker von Schwarzenfeld brought the sandstone boulder to Germany in 1997 and says it was given as a gift. He says Pemon Indians had helped him select the rock and questions whether it was considered sacred.
Venezuela has insisted Germany claim to repayment of indigenous sacred stone that was moved to Berlin illegally and stolen. "If necessary, we will continue to demand the return of the stone 'Kueka' within 100 years," said Raul Grioni, president of the Institute of Cultural Heritage, during a conference on the topic in the Venezuelan Embassy in Berlin. "We have the best will to reach an amicable agreement," said the expert, who considered the claim "part of the struggle of more than 30 indigenous people of Venezuela by autoderminación and recognition of their cultural rights." The jasper gemstone, about 30 tons, is located in the Tiergarten of Berlin integrating a project by artist Wolfgang Kraker von Schwarzenfeld who is the mastermind and Brink's material with the complicity of former President Rafael Caldera. senior officials in 1998.
According to the Indians of the Pemón the stone known as 'Kueka' was taken illegally in the country in early 1999 by Schwarzenfeld, violating the sacred cult Pemon people and Venezuelan environmental protection legislation. The stone was originally located in the town of Santa Cruz de Mapaurí, Canaima National Park, in an area near the Brazilian border where Pemon are settled. In mid-June, the Venezuelan National Assembly approved request to Germany stone and fifty Indians delivered a petition to the German Embassy in Caracas to support the request.
Grioni has been assumed that the artist did not intend to harm the Indians to take the stone, but has clarified that the Attorney General in Caracas investigating three people suspected of smuggling. Schwarzenfeld Stone denies having taken illegally. His work 'Global Stone Project', he argued, is "a peace project" which was to choose two stones of each continent: one remained in its original location and the other was transferred to Berlin. The case was widely reported in the German press and reached the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel. The Foreign Ministry and presented to all stakeholders' proposals for an amicable solution "to enable the" eventual return of the stone, "a spokesman said last week. "It is a matter of concern to many people here in Berlin, but especially in Venezuela. Lets try to concretely and solve this issue," he promised. The stone is sacred and apparently in museums in Germany lie many treasures stolen from Latin America and other nations.


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